HS2 Seek Feedback on Adelaide Road

HS2 is due to begin work on Adelaide Road in the next couple of years, starting on the ventilation shaft from 2023 and the headhouse from 2024. They are currently seeking feedback on the design of the headhouse and compound. They would like opinions on the materials used, landscape plans and thoughts on the boundary walls on Adelaide Road.

A headhouse is the building on top of the vent shaft which will contain the fire control, the fan room and the ventilation system for the railway tunnels below.

They are also going to rebuild the boundary wall on Adelaide Road. It will need to be 2.8m high, and proposals include grey brick with railings, or red brick with railings.

They are asking for feedback on whether the materials will help integrate the building within the local context.

The building is intended to be surrounded by security fences with floodlights linked to an intruder alarm system. Camden Council is calling for green walls, to give some habitat continuity, given that the wildlife in the area has been decimated. It may be a suggestion that trees and vegetation are needed to screen the building when viewed from the road.

The proposed railings may not be a barrier to noise, and a wall like the old wall would help to reduce railway noise. Ideally the wall should be painted with anti-grafitti paint.

Once feedback has been received, they will hold an event to show how comments and feedback have been incorporated. Then they will request planning approval from Camden Council. They plan to keep the local community updated about the design and ongoing construction.

Complete the online survey at: www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/adelaideroadstructure-keydesignelementengagement

The closing date for all feedback is 30 September 2021. 

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