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Cat Dal shares her Interior Trends for 2019.

Given Cat Dal Interiors’ location in Primrose Hill, current trends necessarily play a big part in the design process. However, as each project is client-driven – starting with a story or narrative – we take an approach which derives inspiration and influence from lots of different times and eras. This balance helps to keep interiors timeless.

For 2019, there has definitely been a shift away from neutral interiors and a move towards colour and maximalism, but underpinned with clean lines and Scandinavian design. Here are some of the biggest trends we are seeing in home design at the moment:

Hidden/secret cocktail storages

45 Rodenhurst Road

For home-owners who do a lot of entertaining, at-home bars are fast becoming a requested design feature, and there are lots of innovative ways to incorporate these into the home without compromising on space. For one client, we incorporated a sunken bar into the bespoke joinery of the living area; and for another, we created a bar in the dining area that was concealed behind the wooden panelled wall.

Textured lighting

When it comes to choosing lighting, texture is key and can really change the way a space feels. Natural woven textures such as linen, bamboo and seagrass add interest and offer the room a relaxed, bohemian feel, and we’re seeing this type of lighting more and more in the home.

Two-tone kitchens

Kitchens are the central hub of the home, where we eat, drink, socialise and spend time with family. Therefore the design of the kitchen is high on the priority list for most of our clients. Two-tone kitchens are popular at the moment, and whatever the combination, the dual tonality will keep the space modern and add depth.

Cladding in bathrooms

Textured walls are an increasing trend, as they can add dimension to a room, and cladding or panelling in bathrooms is a great way to add character. In smaller spaces, horizontal wall panels will draw the eye upwards and help the room to appear higher than it is.


As people are moving away from minimalism, we will see more eclectic touches in the home, a fusion of traditional with modern, layered tones and textures, vintage pieces alongside contemporary furniture. If a client has a great personal collection of art or furniture pieces, I like to take inspiration from these and use them to influence the design, mixing them with complementary pieces.

Cat Dal Interiors is a design studio that has recently relocated to Primrose Hill at 45 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 7BA.

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