Proposed Changes to Ward Boundaries for Primrose Hill

The early stages

  • The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) periodically reviews the size and shape of wards for local councils, to make sure that they remain sensible and fair as populations change.
  • It’s Camden’s turn for a review and LGBCE needs to make changes to respond to population growth as a result of all the developments near Kings Cross.
  • LGBCE made initial proposals in February and ran a public consultation on these. The initial proposals created a new Chalk Farm ward but kept Primrose Hill joined with Camden Town.
  • Camden Council officers supported the initial LGBCE proposals, suggesting two small changes to the proposed Camden Town with Primrose Hill ward.

Since consultation

  • LGBCE received quite a few responses to the consultation on their initial proposals.
  • After reviewing these responses, they proposed a radically different pattern of wards across Camden.
  • Under the amended LGBCE proposals, Primrose Hill would be split from Camden Town and joined with an area to the west to form a new ‘Adelaide with Primrose Hill’ ward.

What happens now?

There is a public consultation on the amended recommendations.

Everyone can contribute by submitting their views and providing evidence about our community, eg your sense of belonging or identifying with the area, the pattern of your daily life, eg where you shop, where your children attend school, where is your doctor’s surgery, etc.

It helps LGBCE if you can be clear what you think the wards should look like. For example, do you agree with the LGBCE’s original or amended proposal? Or do you like the Council’s recommendation? Or do you have a proposal of your own?

You have three options if you want to contribute to the consultation:

  1. You can make an online submission at
  2. You can send your views by email to
  3. You can write in with your views to: Review Officer (Camden), LGCBE, 1st Floor, Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0TL

The consultation closes on 11 November

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