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During these days of self-isolation

By Jason Pittock.

As well as the physical community spaces of the Primrose Hill Community Centre, Library, cafes, pubs and restaurants there are also ways you can stay connected with the community during days of self-isolation.  

Community Association

  • The Community Centre will be regularly updating its website with local updates and changes to their events programme.
  • Likewise, check the Community Library’s website for updates on events and opening times.

Both of these sites have related Facebook pages and Twitter profiles which you will see when you visit the site.

You may also like the I Love Primrose Hill website and it’s related Twitter account has plenty of local updates Another local blog, Prampstead, has a useful directory of local business still open for take-away/deliveries.

Social Media


Nextdoor is a useful resource, it’s a localised social media service which groups people into the neighbourhoods they live in. The Primrose Hill one is fairly lively and gets updates from the Community Centre, the Library as well as our local councillors. There are already people there offering to help their neighbours with shopping, deliveries (and of course toilet paper).

Facebook – Primrose Hill United

A relatively new Facebook group called Primrose Hill United We Live, United We Are One Community, aims to help the community, sharing ideas and help. Local businesses like Greenberry have also joined up. Find it here:

WhatsApp Group

A WhatsApp group has been set up to serve two main functions: 1) offer advice and support to people self-isolating or who may need help 2) coordinating volunteers. You can join it here:


There are dozens of local community Twitter profiles to follow, but the Primrose Hill Community Association will be sharing and retweeting key information, so start by following that one here

Chatting online

Google Hangouts is a free service which allows video chats with your contacts. It works in your browser or as an app on your phone. We’ve heard of cocktail parties being “hosted” across Google Hangouts.  You might also want to try Skype which does much the same thing

Isolation doesn’t mean you can’t watch Friends and other Netflix shows “together”, apps like Scener ( and Netflix Party ( allow you to watch and chat at the same time, but note that everyone will need their own Netflix account too. 

Useful resources for keeping mentally active

Here are a few links to other things (besides TV) you can do to keep mentally busy when stuck inside

Maintaining a connection is important, especially for those living alone. We hope some of these have been useful and might inspire you to help neighbours if you can. 

Nextdoor site for Primrose Hill

If you have any other links you think worth sharing please get in touch

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