Notes from the Edge

By Brenda Stones. Yes, I’ve got it. Got IT. Not just The Flu, I reckon, but THE flu. How can you be sure, with no testing available? Well, you check […]

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Oldfield Estate support during isolation

The Primrose Hill United Group and some community members have set up a free shop for the residents at the Oldfield Estate (in partnership with the in-house team), which provides […]

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Coronavirus Diary

As a writer and editor for twenty five years, when I moved to this area I started contributing to On The Hill magazine. I have decided to chronicle what’s happening […]

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Before Darwin Court

By Martin Sheppard. Until 1970 the houses bordering the railway at the entrance to Primrose Hill from Gloucester Gate, 4–24 Gloucester Avenue, were a distinguished group of high-quality Victorian villas. […]

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Going Plastic-Free

By Doro Marden. Do you despair at how much plastic you end up throwing away? Almost everything we buy, from shampoo to shirts, comes in single-use plastic, most of which […]

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Introducing ‘Living’ in Primrose Hill

By Cleo Chalk. The time we give to family commitments, work deadlines and dinners with friends can leave too little time for staying fit. If you’re then offered the daunting […]

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