David Holmes: A Brush with the Music of Time

David Holmes’ book, A Brush with the Music of Time, about his life as an art student, advertising junior, art director, creative director, designer, ad agency proprietor, painter and illustrator is bursting with luscious images. And if you want to have a feel for the London version of ‘Madmen’ in the 1950s – 1970s, there are photographs and clippings galore. This original, quirky publication has … Continue reading David Holmes: A Brush with the Music of Time

The Hemming & Marr Show

In October, Primrose Hill artists Adrian Hemming and Andrew Marr held a joint exhibition at Art Bermondsey Project Space. Included in the catalogue was an account of their artistic friendship which is reproduced here. Marr . . . on Hemming Painting is, necessarily, a solitary occupation. Everything that matters most about it takes place silently, in the brain of the painter. In the studio, when … Continue reading The Hemming & Marr Show

Arthur Rackham, the Primrose Hill illustrator

One hundred and fifty years ago this month, the well-known illustrator Arthur Rackham was born in London. Throughout his life he illustrated more than 65 books, including Shakespeare, the Brothers Grimm and Charles Dickens. Many of his most celebrated illustrations were done at a time when Rackham lived in Primrose Hill Studios off Fitzroy Road. Primrose Hill Studios were built in 1877-82 as artists’ studio … Continue reading Arthur Rackham, the Primrose Hill illustrator