Eighteen years ago, a then West End stage actress, Lucy Quick, decided that it was time to give back to her art and use her own remarkable experience in musical theatre to encourage children to fulfil their dreams through drama. During her acting career, from her first role in Oliver at the Palladium to her last performance in The Pirates of Penzance at the Regent’s … Continue reading Perform

News & Views

Goodbye, Dr Lim! Jane Lim is retiring from Primrose Hill Surgery after many years of skilled care for Primrose Hillites. Primrose Hill Patient Participation Group is organising a farewell gathering for her on Tuesday 20 February at 6.30 p.m. in Primrose Hill Community Library. We know that many of her patients will want to express their appreciation. Please email if you would like to attend. … Continue reading News & Views

December Edition

You can read the latest edition of the whole magazine online here… The magazine is delivered to households and businesses in Primrose Hill and nearby area plus available from pubs, cafes, resteraunts in the area. The magazine is produced by local volunteers and funded by the Primrose Hill Community Association and supported by advertisers. Info on how to advertise in the magazine here. Continue reading December Edition

The Paddington 2: A glimpse into a secret world

Children from Haverstock school met crew of set of the film Paddington 2. Tall security marshals guarded a secret entrance to the Paddington 2 film location. Our identities checked, confidentiality agreements signed, a wave of intimidation hit us when we were ushered into Paddington’s world. Strange black balloons, as big as beach balls, floated eerily amongst the mist – it turned out they helped reflect the … Continue reading The Paddington 2: A glimpse into a secret world

Listening Out – Mental Health in the Spotlight

Mental health is in the spotlight at St Mary’s, Primrose Hill. Reverend Marjorie Brown and Tim Miller, the previous assistant curate, devised the Mental Health Listening Project after a previous intern identified mental health as a concern. The aims of the project are to cultivate awareness of mental health; broaden understanding of what mental health is; offer care for the well-being of the congregation; support … Continue reading Listening Out – Mental Health in the Spotlight

Transition Tipple at St Mary’s Brewery

Look out for a new ‘green beer’ made with locally grown fresh hops. These hops were grown by members of Transition groups all over Camden, harvested on Sunday 10 September and brought to St Mary’s for the brewery to produce a green hopped IPA. Green hopped beers originated in Kent, where the tradition of hop-picking goes back hundreds of years. These particular beers are a … Continue reading Transition Tipple at St Mary’s Brewery

Helping Hands – Chalk Farm Foodbank

Earlier this summer, a private charity screening was arranged of Ken Loach’s film I, Daniel Blake, in order to increase awareness of the Chalk Farm Foodbank. The film highlights the human trials and difficulties in gaining support from the state in modern-day Britain and the real stark issue of food poverty. Daniel Blake (played by Dave Johns) is a 59-year-old widowed carpenter who must rely … Continue reading Helping Hands – Chalk Farm Foodbank