Transition Tipple at St Mary’s Brewery

Look out for a new ‘green beer’ made with locally grown fresh hops. These hops were grown by members of Transition groups all over Camden, harvested on Sunday 10 September and brought to St Mary’s for the brewery to produce a green hopped IPA. Green hopped beers originated in Kent, where the tradition of hop-picking goes back hundreds of years. These particular beers are a … Continue reading Transition Tipple at St Mary’s Brewery

Helping Hands – Chalk Farm Foodbank

Earlier this summer, a private charity screening was arranged of Ken Loach’s film I, Daniel Blake, in order to increase awareness of the Chalk Farm Foodbank. The film highlights the human trials and difficulties in gaining support from the state in modern-day Britain and the real stark issue of food poverty. Daniel Blake (played by Dave Johns) is a 59-year-old widowed carpenter who must rely … Continue reading Helping Hands – Chalk Farm Foodbank

A Bold and Dangerous Family

This month, local author Caroline Moorehead OBE, FRSL will see published the third of the books she planned as a ‘trilogy on resistance to dictatorship’ in Second World War Europe. The first book was A Train in Winter: An Extraordinary Story of Women, Friendship, and Resistance in Occupied France, published in 2011; the second was Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France, published … Continue reading A Bold and Dangerous Family

What do you think about the On The Hill magazine?

On The Hill magazine was launched in 2014 by the Primrose Hill Community Association to serve the needs of the local community, bring them news and stories from their neighbourhood. Run by local volunteers the monthly magazine is posted to homes in Primrose Hill and given away at local shops, resteraunts, cafes and bars. The magazine is provided for free, supported by advertising from local … Continue reading What do you think about the On The Hill magazine?

Primrose Hill Community Library Update

After the unexpected floor renovation at the Primrose Hill Community Library, we are pleased to report that things are better than ever! We currently have 2,900+ members between the ages of 0 to 100, with an average growth rate of over 40 new members per month. Many of these are locals, but people from surrounding areas and even a frequent visitor from Australia are filling … Continue reading Primrose Hill Community Library Update

The Back Maintenance Massage

The Back Maintenance Massage by the Garry Trainer Clinic Hippocrates claimed that “Massage is the mother of all therapies”, with the implication that it should be the cornerstone of any clinic. In Primrose Hill we are blessed to have Garry Trainer, who intuits through massage which parts of the body need further attention. Garry has been named by The Times as ‘Britain’s Top Back Specialist’, … Continue reading The Back Maintenance Massage

Primrose Hill Summer Fair – 40th Anniversary

Forty years ago, a band of Primrose Hill Community Association (PHCA) volunteers decided that there should be a Summer Fair in Primrose Hill. So they started running it in and around Chalcot Square, followed by a Sports Day on the hill the next day. Little did those volunteers know that this would turn into a run of forty consecutive Summer Fairs in Primrose Hill – … Continue reading Primrose Hill Summer Fair – 40th Anniversary

Update on Primrose Hill Community Centre

The Primrose Hill Community Association (PHCA) has been given an option by Camden Council to buy a 25-year lease on its home, the Community Centre at 29 Hopkinsons’ Place, for an upfront payment of £250,000. In the 1970s a campaign by Primrose Hill residents to stop the demolition of the Piano Factory in Fitzroy Road resulted in Camden Council buying the building and converting it … Continue reading Update on Primrose Hill Community Centre