Train Body Brain

Wendy MacLennan has a mission to create a teen mental health revolution. Last September she set up the Train Body Brain method, a 45-minute fitness nirvana to enable teenagers to take control of their own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The sessions involve high-intensity interval training, positive affirmations and mindful meditation. Wendy explained that setting up Train Body Brain came about partly from witnessing the … Continue reading Train Body Brain

Primrose Hill Passions with Dennis Picknett

Trust your Intuition I always find lots to discuss with Dennis Picknett while he works on my back: builders (he was a carpenter in this area for years before osteopathy training 15 years ago), parenting (he has two kids) woodland (he was a long time Forest School Camps leader), but I never realised until recently that he is passionate about consciousness research. “Yes my interest … Continue reading Primrose Hill Passions with Dennis Picknett