In Conversation with Roz Davies – Owner of Sew Much Fun

Q. What is your earliest memory of Primrose Hill?

A. As a student living in Camberwell in 1979 I was invited on a date at Odette’s and was impressed by both the restaurant and the area.

Q. Where is your favourite place in Primrose Hill?

A. Besides my shop? The park. We are so lucky to have such a great amenity right on our doorstep.

Q. What is the best thing about Primrose Hill?

A. People tend to smile and acknowledge you much more here just like a rural village.

Q. And the worst thing?

A. Dog poo left on our streets. I am just amazed that it is a bigger problem here than in Camden Town where I live. My beautiful golden retriever, Mozart, has just died so I do appreciate both sides of the issue.

Q. What inspired you to open a business here?

A. I had been searching for a base from where I could share my enthusiasm for my passion. My living room, church halls and other venues were predecessors but I wanted a permanent location in a suitable, family- orientated area. The ease of parking and a short walk to work were also deciding factors.

Q. How many people on average attend classes at Sew Much Fun each week?

A. 90 students a week during term time! Around 25 adult machine sewers, 25 hand sewers aged five to eight and 40 machine sewers aged eight to 18. The rest of the time we do work for local residents and businesses.

Q. Has the experience of learning at Sew Much Fun influenced any careers?

A. Yes indeed! Previous clients have gone on to be costumiers, lingerie designers and even engineers! Sewing is three-dimensional problem solving.
For the boys, think of it as soft Lego!

Q. How is your business different from most shops?

A. Although we do have a retail aspect, our speciality is teaching sewing skills that may not necessarily be taught at home or school any more. We get to know most of our students personally and I think that differentiates Sew Much Fun from being just a shop. It is really more of a community resource.

Q. What new plans do you have for the business in the future?

A. I have recently launched my first book A Year of Sew Much Fun, a beginners guide to learning sewing, which I hope will enable people to enjoy this satisfying craft at home. The online shop will appear in the New Year!

Q. Do you have a New Year’s resolution for Primrose Hill?

A. I would love to see map signage showing the various retail areas of the village situated at entry points to Primrose Hill such as Chalk Farm Bridge, the canal exit and the Zoo exit. This would really help visitors to navigate around all the great places we have to offer.

Sew Much Fun
46 Chalcot Road, NW1 8LS
020 7722 9889

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