Francis Katz

There’s this geezer comes on the Hill and paints pictures. Don’t see the point meself, especially since he always has a camera with him. And they tell me he collects […]

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Valentine’s Day on Primrose Hill

Valentine’s Day on Primrose Hill – A Poem In medieval times Valentine’s Day was thought of as the first glimmer of spring and the day birds start mating. Chaucer’s poem […]

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Places to Find Peace in Primrose Hill

The outdoors beckons A light breeze on your face, the sound of birds proclaiming their territory, the smell of fresh rain in the air…. Even if the reality is that […]

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Lobster risotto

A luxurious but effortless recipe from My Primrose Hill Kitchen that is sure to impress your Valentine on 14 February. Add sparkle with one of our special wine pairings from […]

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Primrose Hill Valentine’s Ball

If you book yourself a special treat for Valentine’s Day, you could make a valuable contribution to the community at the same time. St Mary’s Church will be holding a […]

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