We Will be Working at Home – by Leanna Ly

“We will be working at home from now on, called online school. We will post all your assignments on google classroom. Any questions?” Jemma said.
“Are we allowed to call each other to help us out?” I smirked because I knew we wanted to facetime each other for fun! “No…lockdown will be very hard during this pandemic..” She responded. “For example, schools will close, our local shops will be regularly closed.”
That was the day we found out about online school, and lockdown.

The next following day, our teacher Jemma told us about the things we need to do in order to stay safe.
“When you sneeze, sneeze into your elbow. Or catch it in a tissue, then bin it. Once you’ve done that, make sure to wash your hands.” Of course I wasn’t listening, I was daydreaming about how life would be in lockdown.. I was thinking.. More time for shopping!
“LEANA! What do we need to do when we sneeze then?” Jemma asked me.
Suddenly I just had a jump scare and.. Well I was day-dreaming so I don’t know the answer. The bell rang! Home time! It’s the last day of school, and tomorrow was gonna be online school. Some of my friends were crying, some of us gave each other their phone numbers.

I woke up the next day (my brother was jumping on my bed) and it was my 1st day of online school. I opened up my computer and I saw that all the assignments were already posted and so was the register. Reading time. We had this fun site that the more you read, you get XP and you can dress up your little monster! This routine would be the same everyday, and we loved it.

Weeks past, then months. Google classroom became so boring. We needed something that was missing. Jemma knew what we needed to do! Facetime. Friends are very important as well as learning. We saw each other on facetime and we were so happy! When the call ended, I felt so much better. But we didn’t do this everyday so I felt incomplete.. Like something is still missing.

Until one day, my mom came up to me saying, “You’re coming back to school!”
“OMG really?! Does that mean we can go shopping for my first day of school?”
“Of course! Let’s go on a shopping spree.” She said.
We went to the adult H&M to get oversized jumpers and T-shirts, it was so fun!

The next day I felt so nervous I didn’t even want to go. So many thoughts ran through my head, did my friends change? Are they gonna become bullies? What if I’m so shy I’m gonna become “the shy person”.

I walked in the classroom and I didn’t see all my friends… and the classroom is different.. My friends DEFINITELY changed, and I was so shy.

To be continued…..

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