Silent Movies at the Film Show

After an unscheduled winter break while the floor of the library was being repaired, the monthly film shows there resumed in triumphant fashion on 7 March with an exhilarating evening of early silent movies. A packed and enthusiastic audience enjoyed the excitements of The Great Train Robbery, which was made in 1903, and a full-length action drama entitled The Signal Tower (1924). The programme was … Continue reading Silent Movies at the Film Show

Asparagus soup with wild mushrooms, poached egg and lardo

Celebrate Spring the Odette’s way, making the most of the freshest, well-sourced ingredients and adapting to the seasons. This colourful starter maximises the delicacy of new-season asparagus and embraces the spirit of Easter with its poached egg adornment. Burford Brown eggs are readily available and have particularly striking yolks. Ask your butcher or local deli to slice the lardo; if you can’t find lardo, thinly … Continue reading Asparagus soup with wild mushrooms, poached egg and lardo

Could the Tories Drop HS2?

The General Election may provide a final chance to get HS2 cancelled, as whilst Ministers have denied there has been a policy change, it has been reported the Conservatives are considering scrapping it in their upcoming manifesto. Whilst the Guardian speculated, news broke at the weekend in the Sun and the Express that the party were considering that HS2 might be paused or cancelled, with … Continue reading Could the Tories Drop HS2?

Viceroy’s House – Q&A with local film director Gurinder Chada

“Bend it like Beckham has been the bane of my life,” says Gurinder. “Everyone wanted me to make the same film over and over again, but I wanted to make a big epic film that would wow the public and also tell the story of the little girl whose aunt died of starvation and who lived to be my grandmother.” Viceroy’s House tells the story … Continue reading Viceroy’s House – Q&A with local film director Gurinder Chada

The Primrose Hill Lectures

“No problem,” insisted Voltaire, “can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.” Voltaire was not, to put it mildly, a churchy man, but it was in this spirit of rigorous enquiry that St Mary the Virgin church first threw open its doors to the Primrose Hill Lectures. The popular series, now in its fifteenth year, was conceived by Robert Atwell (then vicar at St Mary’s, now Bishop … Continue reading The Primrose Hill Lectures