Photo Competition Winners

On The Hill magazine, part of the Primrose Hill Community Association, is pleased to announce the winners of the Picturing Primrose Hill photo competition – a joyful moment.

There were over 250 entries on Instagram and Twitter.

A unanimous decision by the judges put the “Primrose Hill beware! There’s a dragon on the loose” photo by Charlotte in first place, and the judges had a lot to say about why they liked it so much

Primrose Hill Photo Competition Winner - Spring 2021

1st Place

Primrose Hill beware! There’s a dragon on the loose – by Charlotte

The judges said…

I love this, it makes me smile, the colours, the perspective is dynamic, the moment I looked at this image I felt joy, the innocence of a child running past the wall of graffiti with tags on, it’s wonderful

I felt this picture captured a more avant-garde celebration of joy in ‘freedom of expression’ that is lost all too soon as we grow older and more responsible! The photographer has managed to capture the child’s spirit of adventure and strident determination. Not seeing the child’s face also makes it a little more unusual.

Love the way all the colours in this shot work together – the graffiti and dinosaur outfit, the sun on the pavement. It’s definitely a lovely moment.

2nd place

By @pendletonsmom

The judges said

You can not help but be a part of this image, the angle and element of joy in this photo are sublime. It is Joyous.

I love the energy and joy in this shot.

This is one of those random moments you can’t plan for. I love the dog’s almost human expression of joy.


3rd Place

By Eva Kneva

The judges said

This is a great shot- feels very street/reportage and aspirational. Love the bubbles and the composition.

I love the simplicity and reality of this docu-style image, it feels like it could be from the ’70s yet really current, the look in this child’s face in a joyous moment reflecting in the glorious colours of the giant kaleidoscope bubbles.

Honourable mention

By Russell Swallow

The judges said

This image conveys an endearing sentiment and technically speaking I feel is the most accomplished.

The joyous and playful relationship between the dog and its owner is embraced by the magical view of London where the metropolis skyline merges with echoes of an ancient landscape.

The picture is well composed with detail in the shadow areas and highlights. All in all a pleasing atmospheric image complemented by the Blake quote and radiant sun.

Honourable mention

By Kate

The judges said

Quietly joyous… The Regent’s Canal is a special place and this image has captured the intimate joy that can be found on a summer’s evening next to its tranquil waters.

The picture utilises a good use of perspective and colour rendering reminiscent of a 19th-century painting.

Honourable mention

By Ruth

The judges said

It’s beautifully composed and the light is gorgeous, and it also answers the brief- it feels like a joyous moment!

The theme is a universal winner –  everyone loves a rainbow! The colours against the dark sky are magical.

Other shortlisted photos

Here are the other shortlisted photos. Well done to everyone who entered.

Thanks to our local businesses for the prizes

  • First prize: A 3-course meal from Odettes for two.
  • Second prize: A bottle of Farleigh Estates bubbly (a top Dorset winemaker) from Bottle Apostle Primrose Hill. 
  • Third prize:  Ice Cream Movie Night Package – 6 scoops of ice cream of your choice in a take-home freezer tub with cones and toppings from Reenie’s Ice Cream Parlour in Erskine Road. Follow Reenie’s here.

The Judges

The judges for the competition were…

Thank you to all our judges.

We hope to be back with another photo competition later in the year.

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