Mary’s Living and Giving & Jenny Packham 

With the wedding season arriving on our doorstep and thoughts of summer romance just around the corner, Mary’s Living and Giving Primrose Hill will be hosting an exclusive wedding dress collection featuring stunning dresses from designer Jenny Packham. If you…

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Sustainable Fashion on the Doorstep

We’re lucky to have three amazing second hand shops in Primrose Hill.  All of them have a mixture of high end and affordable clothes, as well as books and other items. Mary’s Living and Giving, Shelter and Fara give us…

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Shop around the block

Christmas Gifts from local Primrose Hill shops Primrose Hill has everything you need when you’re planning for Christmas – a butcher, fruit and vegetable shops, Italian delis, cake shops, and you’re spoilt for choice for gifts. Here are a few…

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Press by Melanie Press opens new store in Primrose Hill

The boutique Press has moved location from Erskine Road, where it was situated for fifteen years, to 160 Regent’s Park Road. The new store will showcase the Melanie Press Collection which was launched in 2016.  “The Melanie Press Collection is…

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Primrose Hill Entrepreneurs: Charlotte Simone

Local entrepreneur Petar Savic talks to some of the start-ups and small businesses running from Primrose Hill. This month he meets Charlotte Simone. What did you do before your accessories label? I dabbled in fashion internships at university, I worked…

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Boujo Hake: Slow Fashion

BOUJO HAKE was created and launched in Primrose Hill. In Gloucester Avenue, to be precise. It took some time for the animated, neighbourly chat to become an idea, for the idea to be explored and then grow into a full-time…

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Rachel Elliott – Cecil Sharp House

Cecil Sharp House By the Mole on the Hill Us moles have a good relationship with the folk singers you get down at Cecil Sharp House. You hear them up here. ‘I wish I was a mole, I’d tear that…

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Mimi Holliday Primrose Hill Pop-up store 

Mimi Holliday open their Primrose Hill Holiday Pop-up lingerie store on the 8th December at 107 Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill, NW1 8UR Mimi Holliday are a local Primrose Hill business, currently working out of HQ in Utopia Village

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