Primrose Hill Community Library Update

After the unexpected floor renovation at the Primrose Hill Community Library, we are pleased to report that things are better than ever! We currently have 2,900+ members between the ages […]

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A Good Newts Story

This feels like a secret garden, almost a wildlife habitat in the city. Like most of our gardens in Primrose Hill, it gets the sun in patches and at different […]

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The Back Maintenance Massage

The Back Maintenance Massage by the Garry Trainer Clinic Hippocrates claimed that “Massage is the mother of all therapies”, with the implication that it should be the cornerstone of any […]

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Primrose Hill Eats: Lemon drizzle cake

Capture the spirit of spring in your kitchen with this easy signature recipe from Sweet Things. If you prefer to use the all-in-one method, cream the cake ingredients (except the […]

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Primrose Hill People: Nick Crane

According to the Daily Mail, Nicholas Crane, co-presenter of Coast and prize-winning author, is a ‘national treasure’. He modestly assures me that they haven’t always been so complimentary towards him. […]

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