My Primrose Hill with Fergus McLaverty

My Primrose Hill is regular Q&A feature of the magazine where we ask residents and those who work in Primrose Hill about the neighbourhood. Sixteen-year-old Fergus McLaverty lives in Gloucester […]

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Primrose Hill Passions with Rosemary Emanuel

Rosemary looks like an unlikely mathematician, and her Regent’s Park Road house is appealingly piled with high chairs and toys for the grandchildren, but in her study at the top […]

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Ex-Gang Member to Gang Mediator

Primrose People:  Jason Allen Think of a typical Victorian Anglican church. St Mary’s ticks all the boxes. It has about 30 pre-school kids with their SUV buggies parked around the […]

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Get the Children Out

The story Ilse Gray tells is a pebble polished from many tellings. The factual calm covers up the horror and despair that people lived through. Ilse and her sister, Eva, […]

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Primrose Hill Past: June Beechey

June Beechey (also known as Mrs Welsh) is one of Primrose Hill’s most loved faces, and a veritable icon (thanks to the Banksy look-alike artwork by street artist Bendi). Everyone […]

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Primrose Hill Passions with Dennis Picknett

Trust your Intuition I always find lots to discuss with Dennis Picknett while he works on my back: builders (he was a carpenter in this area for years before osteopathy […]

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Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt was born and raised in Primrose Hill. “Back then, Primrose Hill was quite a rough area and housing was cheap. The high street was occupied by bookies, fish […]

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