Susannah Buxton: Costume Designer

Children from Haverstock School’s journalism course interview costume designer Susannah Buxton. Bracelets, big buttons, small buttons, pleats, ruffles and fancy frills – we thought attention to these and much, much, more were the most important part of being a costume designer. We were wrong. Susannah told us: “Yes, detail is important, but when you’re designing a costume, the overall look and information it gives about the … Continue reading Susannah Buxton: Costume Designer

Through The Keyhole

I moved to Primrose Hill in September 2015. I knew nothing about the area: I just thought it looked rather lovely! I quickly got involved with Primrose Hill Community Association, met lots of local people and realised that many residents have lived in the area all their lives. Such is its charm and villagey feel, why would anyone want to live anywhere else? As part … Continue reading Through The Keyhole