From Moscow to Primrose Hill

A message of peace and healing from a Reverend displaced from Russia. By Sanam Lou. On 20 February 2022, as Russia invaded Ukraine, the St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Moscow […]

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Are you really my friend?

By Andrew Hunt. The past fortnight has been a turbulent one for many of us, following the brutal murder of George Floyd and the global outpouring of emotion and protest […]

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Is British Politics Broken?

Primrose Hill Summer Lectures: Andrew Marr – Is British Politics Broken? Andrew Marr, as a valued member of our community, is always on hand for political guidance when we haven’t […]

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Extinction Rebellion Experiences

By Doro Marden. Do you think that the ‘extinction’ in Extinction Rebellion refers to the 1 in 5 British mammals under threat? Are you a mammal? I am afraid – […]

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Stanley Johnson meets Jon Snow

One night at the end of July, two literary and political titans met at Cecil Sharp House to celebrate the publication of a new political thriller called Kompromat. The author […]

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